Reflections on Tutor feedback: Assignment 4

  Hi everyone! This is my tutor’s feedback on Assignment 4, I request you to once again share your opinions and viewpoints on this after reading and without the fear of offending me, I seek your honest and critical opinion upon the points that he has made. Its more confusing for me as all of…Read more »

Leopards of India, Africa and Sri Lanka

These are images of three different species of Leopards, The African leopard, the Indian Leopard and the Sri Lankan leopard. All three belong to different subspecies of Leopards and you will be able to see the difference in color, size, and rosettes. This is about seven years of work. A leopard story: Click on any…Read more »

Initial Ideas – Assignment Five |A Personal Project

Brief: The rest of this course is devoted to your final assignment, a personal project. Although most professional photography is made by commission, often with very clear briefs, there are many photographers who set their own briefs and determine their own projects. They may simply wander around the world with their cameras in search of…Read more »

Reflections – Thoughts at the beginning of assignment 5: Your personal project

The final assignment is your chance to do whatever you want with photography. You’ve experimented widely throughout this course, practiced key technical and visual skills, and learned about different genres of photography. Now you can put all that into practice in your final work. Thoughts: As I approach the last segment of FiP, I am…Read more »

Picture analysis Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle’s work exists on the borders of photography and conceptual art. Her work is rarely aesthetic in the pictorial sense but stems from her curiosity at realizing an idea or action. Calle had been following strangers in the streets of Paris and one day met one of these strangers in a gallery and overheard…Read more »