11 Replies to “One Square Mile”

  1. Excellent piece of work Archna. I particularly like deforestation and development, juxtaposed and city within a city. The sky in juxtaposed is astounding. The skyscrapers regularity and dominance in deforestation and development really highlights the industrial growth and how – we – as governments and societies permit the destruction of the planet because capitalism must continue.

    I like city within a city because it highlights that development is not just expansion – it’s inspansion – inner growth that destroys neighbourhood and community to service the wealthy.

    Really enjoyed your assignment (and now feel very inadequate).

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    1. Thank you so much Richard. I really appreciate your feedback. There is so much more that I wanted to do but had to put a stop somewhere. This course is really making me push my boundaries and I am loving it.

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  2. In terms of producing a set of photographs which communicate to the viewer an understanding of your square mile I feel you have very definitely met the brief Archna.

    The theme of the shiny new developments contrasting with the disorder of planning and proliferation of waste comes through very clearly, but there is a subtler story told about the people. I like how you have woven them though the images, either caught up in their misfortunes living on the streets or trapped by their fortunes behind fences, walls and concrete boxes.

    I feel I now know a little more about the place where so many of my colleagues and friends grew up.

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    1. Thanks Mike. It’s good to know that people can relate to what I wanted to communicate through my images. Yes, the subtler story of the people does come through and that is something I want to definitely explore in greater detail and it also helps me to grow as a photographer who wishes to bring forward a much larger picture about the world that we live in. I really appreciate you taking the time out and leaving me a feedback. Many thanks and best wishes


  3. Excellent Archna! I was fascinated to read your blog and see the photographs that tell your story. A very interesting mix within your choice of images too; different angles, perspectives and I particularly liked the framing of 10 and 11. I’d echo Richard’s comment when I look at my plan for my Square Mile; I too feel very inadequate! Best wishes, Andy

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  4. Thank you Andy. I am truly humbled by all the positive feedback that I am receiving. 10 and 11 are my favourite too. 😊 It makes me want to do so much more. Thank you for the inspiration and I look forward to more learnings here in this forum. This blog would not have been possible without Richard’s help. I guess we all learn from one another and grow as human beings as well as better artists. Grateful. Thank you and warmest.


  5. Hi Archna
    What a wonderful set of photographs. Exactly as I expected having viewed your Big Cats site. I marvel at the quality of your images. Will I ever learn how to achieve such excellence? The story you illustrate so well is so very important, and although the juxtaposition of wealth and poverty are particularly stark in your home city we do not need to to look far here in parts of the U.K. to find similar circumstances. A global challenge surely.
    I absolutely love image 11.
    Thank you for sharing, and very best wishes.

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    1. Thank you Sarah. Humbled. Yes it is a global problem I agree. I wish I could do more. Thank you for your feedback and for having taking the time out to go through it. Many thanks and best wishes.


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