Exercise 1.6 Light and shadow


A wider view of the room
A close up of the filtered light on the bed and the floor
A close up view of the bed
Play of light and shadow on the wooden floor
Another interesting play of light on the wooden floor
The filtering light casts a reflection on the opposite wall, along with the shadows of a vase. I liked the blue light from another window creeping into the image and have deliberately kept it.
The clock on the side wall
A different angle of the bed
Reflections of the blind on the TV
Reflections of the blind on the TV
Small polaroids hung on the wall cast an interesting shadow
The bathroom window
Another window with a blind
A plant with sunlight falling just on a small portion of it
Shadow of a plant on the wall
I have tried to keep both the plant and the shadow on the wall within the frame.

10 Replies to “Exercise 1.6 Light and shadow”

  1. What a great set of photos.
    I know many people prefer black and white but on the whole I prefer your colour images. The bedroom and the Polaroids being the exception.

    I love the clock.

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  2. These are great Archna, a. It reminiscent of the lighting used in the movie Bladerunner. I really like the almost monochrome but with a pop of colour.

    Have you used the ‘dehaze’ tool on RAW imports? I think you would get some interesting effects by making a copy with haze increased, then recombining with the original using stacking.

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    1. Thank you so much Mike. No I have in fact never used it. But surely would love to try. I have noted your suggestion on my task list and will certainly try and experiment once I learn how to do it 🙂


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