8 Replies to “Exercise 2.2 People and activity”

  1. Oh Archna – you must be so proud of your photography, and the video is good too. My favourite photo never made it. Its from Contact sheet the cut – your main image on the left. This picture tells the complete story in one shot in my opinion. Photo 6 the rinse – a stunning photo. It has depth and softness – its an image of relaxation and being pampered. Photo 4 the colouring process. I love the interaction between, client, perfectionist and colourist. A great project.

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    1. Thank you Richard as always for your in depth study of a project and taking the time out to comment. I like that picture too (the cut – the main image on the left) but it wasn’t a perfect image. The frame was too much on the left and not much of the hair being cut could be seen. Another reason why it didn’t make it was because i wanted to . include a close up of an activity within and the strongest picture in a close up was the one I chose, where people are not even seen yet one knows the activity. Since I was also trying to create a photo story of all the activities within the entire process of the hair transformation, I wanted to include various different framings within the ten pictures. But am just happy that you liked it – it was a tough choice for me between the two to decide which made it to the final. Thank you once again Richard. And for the video too. Its my first attempt at video editing, so a long way to go still. 🙂

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      1. It’s a good video Archna, and we’ll put together. I understand about the need to tell the story and how hard it is to leave out photos that we enjoy. There were 4 photos in my assignment that I left out because they didn’t fit the narrative. You are such a good photographer.

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  2. Hi Archna, I couldn’t agree more with Richard and David, it’s very well planned and executed.

    My favourite images are 3,6 and 9 and I found myself wondering why that was. On reflection I think it is because for me the most powerful aspects are the model (and especially her haircut) where she is completely candid, with the hairdresser’s face either not completely in the shot or secondary. This feels a bit ironic as the brief is to photograph the activity but I think those images are all the more persuasive as they are suggestive of activity without necessarily seeing all of the person doing the activity.

    I couldn’t read all of your preparatory notes as I’m reading on a little iPhone screen on a bus to work, but the research and reflection is second to none!

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    1. Thank you so much Andy. I agree with you. I tried to create a photo story of the entire hair transformation trying to fit in all kinds of shots in the final mix. 🙂 Its amazing how we all at the OCA are so involved in our work. You reading blogs to your way to work. I am seeing potential pictures everywhere but last night was amazing and so funny as I dreamt about me running with a camera, pillar to post trying to complete an assignment. I think FIP is such a good thing that happened to me. I learn so much from everyone’s comments and feedback. Trying to relate what other people like compared to what I like. Also to understand their reasons is a learning in itself. Thank you. Am grateful to you for writing. Have a good day and really appreciate your taking the time out to do this.

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