Assignment two Painting with light



Final Edit – Top Ten
1. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 15.00s Red Gel
2. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 15.00s Red gel
3. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 10.00s Red Gel
4. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 13.00s Blue Gel
5. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 7.00s Red Gel
6. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 30.00s Blue Gel
7. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 12.00s Blue Gel
8. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 53.00s Red & Blue Gel
9. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 52.00s | Blue Gel | Multicoloured LED swords
10. Exif Info: f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 72.00s | Red Gel | Blue LED sword

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Final Edit


Contact Sheet I
Contact Sheet II
Contact Sheet III
Contact Sheet IV

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Exhibition I- In Photoshop
Exhibition II- In Photoshop
Exhibition III- In Photoshop
Exhibition IV- In Photoshop
Exhibition V- In Photoshop
Actual Exhibit 1 – Staircase Ambient Lighting
Actual Exhibit 2 – Staircase Blue Gel Lighting
Actual Exhibit 3 – Open Terrace Red/Blue/Green Gel Lighting
Actual Exhibit 4 – Open Terrace display + barbed wire (via Photoshop)


Exif Info: f/5 | ISO 100 | 365.00s | Red Gel plus ambient lighting
Exif Info: f/5 | ISO 100 | 88.00s Red Gel plus ambient lighting
Exif Info: f/5 | ISO 100 | 59.00s Blue Gel plus ambient lighting
Exif Info: f/5 | ISO 100 | 27.00s Red Gel plus ambient light
Exif Info: f/5 | ISO 100 | 74.00s Red Gel plus ambient lighting
Exhibition Display II – in Photoshop
Exhibition Display III – in Photoshop


ContactSheet-001 copy
Contact Sheet I
ContactSheet-002 copy
Contact Sheet II



23 Replies to “Assignment two Painting with light”

  1. Hi Archna.
    I have really enjoyed reading your process behind this assignment, and how you have come to terms with portrait photography and being in control of making the photos and setting the scene.I particularly like photos 4,5,7,9 and 10. It is the quality of being haunting, ghostly and from the horror genre.

    I havent used gels before – do you place them in front of the lense? They work really well. Both give a different feel to the photo, but can both be quite chilling.

    I like actual exibit 2. The blue lighting works very well. Did the blue lighting neutralise the red gel photos or did they still work well together?
    I love the idea of the motion sensors. In a pitch black gallery as an installation, with stairs and household objects – gosh that would be amazing. I hope that I can learn from your experimental and creative spirit.

    And the outdoors photo. I think that the first one works well. The movement up the drive to the door and the red gel, it makes it work and fit with your series.
    I have really enjoyed your assignment Archna.

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    1. Thank you, Richard. The metal snoot that you see in that image is what was my main tool to create this effect. There is a small openable round disc in front of the snoot that has a honeycomb grid. I cut the red paper (cellophane paper) and placed it in front of the grid. Then I inserted the torchlight into the snoot and voila you have your red light! The same can be achieved to create different coloured lights simply by replacing the red colour with the colour of your choice. What I am enjoying now is that how the same light can create so many different moods. I got the idea of the red gel when I was experimenting with “different lights” exercise, where it created a kind of soft and sensuous look. The same light created a horror theme in my assignment 2. The same lights created an ambience of action and thrill in your post about the extreme artists’ duo. Isn’t it amazing how you can create so many different moods with one light itself? I think its very fascinating.

      The blue light in exhibit 2 did neutralise the red – also the effect became quite flat due to the nature of prints being matte. But if I had printed glossy prints then it wouldn’t have worked because of the highlights it would have created once the light hit the print. So learning still.

      Household objects!!! Yes, I love that idea. The exhibition should be displayed in an abandoned barn or something. I am crazy Richard. My ideas are usually whacky and larger than life, but I think this one is quite doable – this idea of the actual exhibition. Motion lights are not too expensive either. Am sure that would be one spooky exhibition. And we put a board on the entry – “Enter at your own risk” hahaha!

      Once again, Richard, I thank you for your detailed feedback as always. I was waiting for it. I appreciate your always taking the time out. Many thanks. 🙂

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      1. Its a pleasure Archna and it was wonderful to read and observe. and you may be crazy but thats one amazing idea for an exhibition.

        I am amazed at how coloured lighting can make such a difference, and as you say, different effects with the same colours.

        I will have a look for the snoot. I also liked the light rays that you used (light swords), I am starting to get some ideas for how I want to proceed with the assignment when I get up to it.
        Have a good night Archna.

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  2. Hi Archna.
    This is brilliant, I love your idea for this assignment and I think the results are amazing. I love the theme you chose and how once you got started with this work you couldn’t stop the ideas flowing! Image number 7 is my favourite, intensely haunting and it immediately brought the William Friedkin movie The Exorcist to mind. Really well done, you should be very proud of this project and I really look forward to see where you take painting with light to next.

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    1. Thanks Kelv for taking the time out. Appreciate it. Yes, definitely I want to work with the light projections idea of Dani Olivier’s work. I think its absolutely stunning and to be able to create something similar would be something that I want to try my hand at. 🙂

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  3. Archna, this is an incredible body of work. As ever I am so impressed with your imagination, your research and your expert execution. I like images 1,3,5 and 7 best of all. Why? I think for the simplicity and the impact the light has on bringing out the mood in the expression of your magnificent model. If I had to pick one image it would be number 5. Breaking out of the wardrobe can be interpreted in so many ways. What is Kristi escaping from? Where is she going? Will she tolerate any obstruction?
    Turning to the exhibition. To my eye the ambient lit stairway is the one that best allows the most effective viewing of each image, without any distraction. Adding colour and fairy lights take my eye away from each image. The main subject.
    All that said, your style is developing with each assignment in a very unique way that is really exciting. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sarah, for your appreciation.You are right and I am glad you related to my assignment the way I thought it. Yes, I again agree with you about the exhibition as am also not happy with the results. With limited resources, this is all I could produce and as Richard and I were discussing above, the prints did get lost in the light due to the matte texture and this exhibit is in no way reflecting what I actually wanted it to be. I liked the staircase too better amongst the two. The light upon the prints made them lose their intensity, already from a monitor to a print, a lot changed. So you are absolutely right and that was one weak point about this assignment that I wasn’t happy about. Due to time constraints, I could not re-attempt it plus prints are expensive to make again too. I do want to take my motion sensor light / abandoned barn and scare the shit out of people idea forward. I like your interpretation of Kriti trying to escape or break away from what? That is what I thought as well. Number 1 is my favourite from the lot. To portray a troubled young girl who just is lonely. But the spookiness kind of added to it and these kids being into horror movies were very excited to do this. A lot of time she was also scared of me in the pitch dark room when she saw me coming towards her with a torch! Haha! I really had fun doing this assignment and will definitely explore it more. As always Sarah, thank you so much for your kind feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your limited connectivity and holiday time. Thank you so much.


  4. Great work Archna
    My particular favourites are numbers 1, 2, 5, and 8
    Really like the story behind it too. I’d not looked at assignment 2 yet – still trying to finish number one! But this has made me excited to get started.

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  5. Hi Archna, I’m sorry for the delay, I’m catching up a bit now.

    As with all your work Archna, I thought this was excellent. To my mind the effort that went into planning paid off in the execution and you created a mood that was distinctly scary, it would not look out of place on a poster for a horror movie!

    I was inspired to research more about gels and lighting effects too.

    Now, I have just read your tutor’s feedback and perhaps I’m missing a point about the course here. Maybe my perception, but he comes across as lukewarm on the use of gels and suggests the same effect (with one gel) can be achieved in Photoshop. The debate about “it is real or is it Photoshopped” isn’t for here but I will say my view is that image manipulation has a place. Nevertheless, why wouldn’t a photographer try to create an image “in camera” if it was possible rather than on a laptop?

    I use ND grad filters as they’re fun to use and I like the results. They can be a pain out in the field, they’re expensive, and of course it’s more gear to carry, but it’s much more satisfying than clicking a few sliders. So my point is, well done for the initiative to use them and well done on the results … we’re all learning and I admire your bravery to explore your art physically “in camera” rather than at a laptop over a coffee 🙂

    Cheers, Andy

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    1. Thank you, Andy. It took me a long long time to finally start achieving results that I wanted with my camera itself. Seven years to be precise. I always trained myself to become better with my camera so I don’t have to rely on post-processing software or restrict their usage to a minimal. Now I am being told otherwise. So yes am a bit baffled too. I also agree with you and relate to your using ND filters and the satisfaction that great image made without the help of a software gives you. I cannot imagine being happy with an image had I produced it with Photoshop alone. So yes I think that I am on the right track – I do await clarity from my tutor.

      Thank youfor your kind words. 🙂

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