2 Replies to “Reflections on Tutor Feedback – Painting with light”

  1. Wonderful feedback Archna. Very good to read.

    One technique in photoshop is too open your photo, go to the layer of it on the right hand side, right click, layer from background. On the left where you have the black and white squares in the tool box click on the colour to the furthest left and change the colour to the one that suits. Then in the layers panel reduce the opacity to the desired layer. Then paint out the areas that you don’t want that colour using the paint brush tool. Use the dropper tool or the coloured square to set the colour for your paint brush.

    As for getting the natural portraits like you do with cats you could try street photography. London would be a good opportunity or from the inside of a shop (such as your hairdressers where you are safe). Sit where you can’t be seen from the outside. Decide what type of person, expression or activity that you want to shoot in advance and then wait for that to appear.

    Great feedback and we’ll earned.

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  2. That’s a great idea, Richard. Thank you. Sometimes the most obvious things are so simple – thank you!!! How come I never thought of that? Ok, I tried what you said – something is missing that I am not understanding. So I couldn’t do what you said about photoshop – I made my image Black and white and tried it but I think I am not getting it or haven’t understood it correctly. Please, whenever you get a chance if you can explain better. Sorry for bugging you and thank you for your immense patience. 🙂

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