Exercise 3.6 Mixing genres

Brief: How could you mix genres together in one photograph? Let’s keep it simple and stick to the three easiest genres: landscape, portrait and still life (though you are free to use whichever genre you want.) Choose a subject you’d like to photograph. It can be anything at all, a place, a person, an object or a story. Take your subject and add to it elements of the other genres. This isn’t about chucking together random subjects – what you’re looking for is an effective, telling mix. For example, you could place a friend outside the house where she was born holding the wedding ring of her mother. Can you understand how each of these elements resonates with each other?

My thoughts: Initially, this exercise left me confused in terms of what I wanted to do with the image that is being asked for. All the examples I saw on fellow OCA student blogs took me to images that were effectively mixed together in Photoshop with great results. I somehow always wanted to create an image without the help of Photoshop but combining different genres of photography into one actual image. I experimented and thought about this a lot. I was looking for an image which could combine different genres and effectively mix or combine them together in one image, able to convincingly tell a story effectively. In a recent visit to Ranthambhore National Park, I was presented with an opportunity that perfectly captured my idea of mixing genres and effectively convey a story at the same time. Following is the image that I got.

OWL_1270The above image tells the story of a safari in an Indian Park, namely Ranthambhore National Park, located in Rajasthan, India. It combines the genres of wildlife, landscape, people & portraits. I have kept the focus on the jeep full of people whose enthusiasm and eagerness to capture the magnificent beast can be seen here. The forest landscape defines the location and all the elements fit together effectively to tell the story of the enthusiastic tourists visiting a forest and their reactions upon witnessing a Tiger so up close.


10 Replies to “Exercise 3.6 Mixing genres”

  1. A wonderful picture! I visited the very same park last April, but unfortunately did not get anywhere near such a beautiful creature. You were very lucky (as were the tourists in the jeep), and the photo is very sharp and perfectly framed.

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    1. Thank you Janine. I should plan your safari next time you go. You really need a good team that makes all the difference. I have the best tracking team and we monitor tiger movements on a daily basis. 😊


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