Exercise 4.4 Patchwork

Make a series of photographs of textures and colors, objects, and forms. These can be close or wide shots of essential things like clothes, bricks, bark, grass, sky, etc. Try to render everything ‘abstract’ or not entirely recognizable by altering your viewpoint. Reduce the file size of the images.

• Save As…JPEG

• Image Size > 1500 pixels Place the photographs together in a grid. Aim to make a composition of at least nine rectangle or square images. Consider how the colors and textures, objects and forms work together and as a whole.

• Which pictures seem closer and which appear further away?

• Which colors stand out and which colors (or tones) recede? Save the arrangement with a different file name; call it Patchwork_1.

Process: This was one of my favorite exercises to do in this Part. I have taken Earth as my theme here and gone outside and recorded some textures. I have tried to change my viewpoint by altering angles and taking close-ups of Earth, sand, flowers, leaves, etc. It was interesting to see things with your naked eye and then through the close up of a viewfinder and how different things start appearing. Changing the angle of usual viewing further altered how the images appeared. It was interesting to note how lighter colors seemed closer to the eye while as the colors moved to a darker palette, they appear to be receding more.


This exercise has so many possibilities – and with nature, as my theme, I can really take this off as an entire project in itself. Nature is so abundant and has so many possibilities that am really excited to take this project forward as and when I can. Capturing textures is something very enjoyable for me and I have been drawn to it through my design school years more than two decades back. To me, this series is something that can be a lifelong project as each region offers different textures, vegetation.etc. Also just like Mother Earth, this series of images put together create a serene balanced composition as a whole together.

8 Replies to “Exercise 4.4 Patchwork”

  1. Marvellous textures here Archna. I like the way you’ve mixed the colour and shape of flowers with the muted tones of simple earth and bark. I’ve just started playing with close up shots and am loving it.

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    1. Aha, yes!! Macro is indeed addictive because the images that result are different from how the naked eye sees them, so the effect and the awe becomes so much more. Thank you so much. All the best for the close-up shots! Happy experimentation 🙂


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