Exercise 4.5 Layers

Most imagery contains layers of some kind: subject and background, f/g m/g and b/g, for example. In this exercise you’ll experiment with ways of making layered imagery in your camera and in the following exercise, you’ll experiment with using image layers in Photoshop. Look out of a window from inside and make a photograph that includes all three of these elements:

• foreground detail in front of the window

• a reflection of something in the window

• background environment on the other side of the window.

Consider the light carefully. If there’s a dark area on the other side of the window, it will help the window act as a mirror for an illuminated object inside.

Approach: Reflections are something that has fascinated me for as long as I can recall. So when this exercise came by, it was really something that I loved to do. For my final images, I have made two photographs at dusk, when its dark enough to catch reflections from the inside on to the glass partition as well as see the scene outside.



These are just some images I made that I had fun doing. They are not exactly per the brief but reflections being formed, creating fascinating visual imagery, creating layers and effects. Photography is great fun and doing this was even greater fun.


9 Replies to “Exercise 4.5 Layers”

  1. Naturally occurring layers as a result of reflection fascinate me. You provide a significant range here Archna. The Triptych of heads surreal. So well executed. Well done.

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  2. I agree with the comments. A lovely set of images and good for you in going beyond the brief. My tutor has encouraged that – view the exercises as a platform not just a prescriptive statement. My favourites are the head images – very clever.

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    1. Yes, most certainly. In fact, now that am midway through it, I have started to enjoy this part more and more. And I really want to try out a lot more in this. Thanks very much for your feedback. The head images are my favorites too and if they were per the brief, they would have been my final images.


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