Leopards of India, Africa and Sri Lanka

These are images of three different species of Leopards, The African leopard, the Indian Leopard and the Sri Lankan leopard. All three belong to different subspecies of Leopards and you will be able to see the difference in color, size, and rosettes. This is about seven years of work.

A leopard story: https://africageographic.com/blog/the-persistent-leopard-and-her-kills/

Click on any image to view it in full size.

10 Replies to “Leopards of India, Africa and Sri Lanka”

  1. Beautiful creatures and fabulous pictures again Archna. I like the one of the leopard taking its kill up the tree (111), my goodness they must be strong animals!
    I also love pictures 354 and 392, 354 in particular made me feel I had just glanced up and say those eyes watching me, quite scary!
    It is also apparent from your images that when they are seen in their natural habitat just how good their camouflage is.

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    1. Thanks, Jonathan. That leopard hauling up the kill is my most precious sighting in the wild – waited 13 hours at one place for those images. Here’s a link to the entire story. Check it out if you get a chance:


      Incredibly strong animals. You will realize after reading the story and the images how much bigger the actual gazelle was and the tree was near vertical. leopards are my favorite cats too. And I can relate to your feelings. The leopards are quite sneaky in nature and usually have that effect on their prey as well. They are also awesome hunters. The camouflage of both the Tiger and the Leopard is so great that sometimes they could be 6 feet away from you and you can’t tell. I have so many images where you just cannot say that there is a big cat hidden in the grassland – one can only tell if there is say a flicker of their ear or some movement. That’s why watching them hunt is one of the most adrenaline rush that I have experienced ever.


  2. Absolutely stunning photos of one of the most incredible animals on the planet.
    I’m viewing from my mobile at the moment, and can’t wait to view them on my pc. Thankyou for posting these Archna.

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