Reflections and thoughts on Assignment two: Painting with Light

Starting with Part III today, the first question that is posed to us is: Can you identify both the apparent subject and any other connotations from your photos from Assignment Two, for example? Having finished the second assignment successfully, I was given a constructive feedback that raised a lot of questions – like what would…Read more »

Exercise 2.8 Fill-flash

Flash isn’t just useful to illuminate a dark scene, but to bring out a foreground subject with a flash that is balanced with ambient light – be that sunlight or artificial light. You can see many examples of fill-flash in Martin Parr’s photographs at You can use an on-camera flash or an external flash…Read more »

Exercise 2.9 A night portrait

Photographing at night represents a challenge for the photographer, particularly for making portraits. The low light means either having to increase ISO, which could introduce grain to the image or using long exposures that will cause blur. Most photographers would use flash carefully balanced with any ambient light and a slight increase in ISO. Here,…Read more »

Exercise 2.11 Split contrast

Exercise Brief: Split contrast is another darkroom technique that’s much easier to achieve in the digital domain. Use it to add drama to your pictures or to correct problems in exposure, for example, an over-exposed sky above a correctly exposed landscape. You’ll need a good image editing program like Photoshop to do advanced work like this…Read more »