Picture analysis Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle’s work exists on the borders of photography and conceptual art. Her work is rarely aesthetic in the pictorial sense but stems from her curiosity at realizing an idea or action. Calle had been following strangers in the streets of Paris and one day met one of these strangers in a gallery and overheard…Read more »

Picture analysis Laura Letinsky

Untitled #12, from the series “Ill Form & Void Full”, 2011 Have a close analytical look at the photograph above by Canadian photographer Laura Letinsky. You can see a larger version at http://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/ill-form-and-void-full There is something immediately uncanny in this photograph and in much of Letinsky’s work. Firstly, notice the planes that make up the…Read more »

Picture analysis The Conversation

1. Write a visual description of the photo above using short phrases and descriptive keywords.The four key elements you should describe are: • facial expression • posture and gesture • clothing • location The visual seems like a few western girls taking a break from a classical Indian dance form, “Bharatnatyam” rehearsal. a) Facial Expressions:…Read more »