Research point – Genre

Genre in photography There was a time perhaps when one could list down the possible genres in photography, though I believe today the list is ever growing as new genres are discovered almost daily. There are the most popular styles or genres of photography like landscapes, portraitures, architectural, food, travel, Black & White, Wildlife, Food…Read more »

Relationship between Image and Text – Learning from photographers and artists

For this exercise, we were asked to refer to two photographers works – Barbara Kruger’s montages of photography and text, plus Gillian Wearing’s Signs that say what you want them to say and not signs that say what someone else wants you to say. I also read a bit about the relationship between text and image…Read more »

RESEARCH – SERIES AND SEQUENCE – learnings form photographers

Eadweard Muybridge was the pioneer in stop-motion photography and motion picture projection. His experimentation to record fast movements in animals and people led to the discovery of stop-motion animation and it to be used as another medium to capture movements unable to be seen by the naked eye. His works were useful and utilized by…Read more »

TYPOLOGY – Part III – Series and Sequence

Part III introduces us to telling stories and exploring visual themes with photographs, to deepen our understanding of the meaning of images and the way photographs communicate. I began this part of the course by doing an in-depth research on various typologies of famous works and the resulting research of its adaptation and interpretation in…Read more »


Understanding the difference between a series and a sequence, I have come to understand that a sequence is a set of photos meant to be viewed or studied in a particular sequence or order like a book whereas a series represent images revolving around a central subject or theme. As a research point for starting…Read more »

Reflections and thoughts on Assignment two: Painting with Light

Starting with Part III today, the first question that is posed to us is: Can you identify both the apparent subject and any other connotations from your photos from Assignment Two, for example? Having finished the second assignment successfully, I was given a constructive feedback that raised a lot of questions – like what would…Read more »